Dr Ricardo Petraco in mainstream media

Dr Ricardo Petraco is a regular guest on mainstream media, where he appears as an expert in heart disease and comment on international health-related news.

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As the only Consultant Cardiologist from Brazil working in the UK, Dr Petraco is regularly seen in Brazil’s mainstream media, discussing matters related to heart disease and other medical news.

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Dr Ricardo Petraco in social media

Dr Ricardo Petraco uses social media as a platform to directly communicate with patients and the general public, offering free educational content, by sharing his clinical experiences and personal views on important scientific matters as well as participating in WEBCASTS and LIVES with colleagues.


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Watch and catch up on Dr Ricardo Petraco's live videos about his clinical experience and views on cardiology.

Content for patients

For trustworthy information about the most common cardiac symptoms, conditions and investigations, Dr Ricardo Petraco recommends the following reputable links from the British Heart Foundation website.